Belief Statements
of the
Creekside Church of the Brethren

(Revised and adopted November 16, 2003)

  • We believe in the creative power of God, the grace and forgiveness of Jesus, and the comfort and guiding presence of the Holy Spirit.
  • We believe the Bible is inspired by God. The Old Testament chronicles the history of God’s people. The New Testament records the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and the foundation of the church. Jesus is our model for belief and behavior.
  • God calls us to cultivate a personal relationship with Jesus Christ through Bible study, daily devotion, and prayer, and to support each other on our faith journey.
  • We recognize our responsibility to share God’s love and invite others to discover the joy of being disciples of Christ.
  • Jesus taught us to serve. God gives each person gifts for service and ministry to build up God’s community.
  • We believe in Jesus’ example of peace and forgiveness. The unconditional love of Christ must be lived out in all relationships.
  • Faith is a manner of living that demonstrates consistency between our beliefs and our actions.
  • Beliefs cannot be lived in isolation. The church community offers fellowship, support, and accountability.
Creekside Church of the Brethren Values and Principles
Core Values Life Principles
1. Discipleship Daily Prayer
Weekly Worship
Bible Reading and Study
Spiritual Friendships
Giving – Time, Talents, Resources
2. Integrity Accountability
Balanced Living
Respect for others
3. Evangelism Acceptance
Holy Hospitality
4. Community Ministry Teams
Small Groups
Healthy Relationships
Mission and Service
Learning and Teaching




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