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When are your services?
Morning Worship - 9:30 a.m.
Fellowship Time - 10:45 a.m.
Sunday School - 11:00 a.m.

(All times are Eastern Time.)

Where is your church located?
We are located at 60455 County Road 113 on the south side of Elkhart, Indiana. Check our Location page for directions and a map to our church.

When I arrive where should I park my car?
We have a large parking lot on the west side of the church with plenty of available parking. We also have handicap parking near the main entrance.

Welcome to our church!I'm not sure what to expect. Would I really be welcome at Creekside Church?
Absolutely. When you arrive you'll be welcomed by one of our greeters in the lobby. They can direct you where you need to go. We also have a "Welcome Center" where any of your questions can be answered. Our congregation is a warm and friendly group of people. They will welcome you warmly.

I've never been to your church before and I don't know my way around.
Our greeters can point you in the right direction or help you with any questions you have. Also, there are ushers available that can help you find a seat, provide a bulletin, and help you find your way around. They can help you find a Sunday School class after church. In addition, there are direction signs in the lobby.

Where are the rest rooms, water fountain, and nursery?
The rest rooms and drinking fountain are down the left hallway from the main entrance. They will be on your left. The nursery is down the right hallway from the main entrance. It is the second door on your right.

What should I wear?
Some of us like to dress up for church, others prefer to dress casually. Wear whatever you feel is appropriate.

Where should I sit?
There is plenty of seating in our Worship Center and there are no reserved seats. You may sit anywhere you wish. Ushers are available to help you find a seat.

How long does your worship service last?
Our services generally last about an hour to an hour and a quarter. Only on special occasions, such as Christmas and Easter, might the service last an hour and a half.

I have small children. Do you have a nursery available?
Yes. The Nursery/Toddlers Room is staffed during the sermon portion of worship.  If your child is under the age of 5, we'd love to care for them during that time. The Nursery has a crib for those that need a nap as well as a Mother's Room for feeding times. There are also facilities available for changing diapers.

Children first grade and up are encouraged to enhance their spiritual growth by participating in the worship service.

Children are welcomeI have young children. Are they welcome in your worship service?
Absolutely. You and your children are very welcome in our worship service. Through worship, the whole church teaches and nourishes your children in the Christian way. As the congregation engages in worship, your child will sense the mystery, awe, and wonder as people engage in the rituals of music, prayer, and readings. And relax. God put the giggle in children; don't feel you have to suppress it in God's house. Check out our list of suggestions for making worship a positive experience for young children.

What about the older children? Are there any activities for them during church?
We have the Children's Message during the first part of the worship service where the children can go up front for a special message. Check the bulletin for time. There are also Activity Clipboards available to keep them busy during the worship service. These are available at the Hospitality table.

Fellowship TimeWhat is this thing called the Fellowship Time?
This is an approximately 20-minute time period between the Worship Service and Sunday School for refreshments and socialization in the lobby. It's a time to get to know one another better. There is coffee, and occasionally other refreshments available.

Do you offer Sunday School classes for all ages?
Yes we do. We have classes for all ages of children including Junior High and Senior High Youth. We also have adult classes for post-high school age through senior adults. Even if you're just checking out Creekside Church, we want to encourage you to find a Sunday School class and get connected with a smaller group of people. You can find encouragement, support, and a place of deeper learning by getting involved in a Sunday School class. A deeper understanding of our faith, gained in a small group setting, strengthens our spiritual walk.Check out our Sunday School web page for more information on these classes.

What involvement opportunities does your church offer?
We offer a lot of opportunities from music and media to Bible study and teaching.

How do I find out about other activities?
Upcoming events are displayed on the projection screen in the Worship Center before and after the Worship Service. Some are also announced during the Worship Service. Most are listed in our monthly newsletter, The Creekside Connection. Events are also listed here on our web site on the activities page and on the calendar pages. You can also check out our Facebook page.

How can I get the church newsletter?
Check with one of our greeters or ushers and they will get you get a copy of our current newsletter. Or call or email our church office.

I'm in a wheel chair. Is your church handicapped accessible?
Yes, our facility is handicapped accessible. During the worship service, large print hymnals and assistive listening receivers are available from any usher. We also have handicap parking near the main entrance.




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