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"So That All May Hear The Word..."

The Media Team at Creekside Church has four components, Video Ministry, Web Ministry, Sound Ministry, and Computer Graphics Ministry. Although each member of the Media Team often specializes in one or more areas, the entire team is responsible for all of these ministries.

Video Ministry

Video Camera

The sermon of each Worship Service is videotaped as part of the Video Ministryand made available both on our website and as a video podcast on iTunes. Certain programs are also made into DVDs for viewing or are posted on the church website.

Web Ministry

Computer Monitor

The church website,, is an outreach ministry provided by the Media Team. It is designed to minister to the world wide community, attract new members, and to provide information to those who currently attend Creekside Church.

Other web areas include our social media sites including Facebook and YouTube.

Computer Graphics Ministry

Computer graphics, hymn slides, and other worship-supporting video media are created each week for the Sunday Morning Worship Service. These graphics, slides, videos, etc., are used in the Sunday Morning Worship Service or other programs as required.

Sound Ministry

Sound Mixing Board

The Sound Ministry is provided by members of the Media Team. Members provide sound system operation in the Church Worship Center for all worship services, funerals, weddings, and other programs needing sound system operation.

Those people interested in working with the church's Media Team are encouraged to apply to:

To find out what positions are available check our Staffing needs list.

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