Creekside Prayer Garden

Creekside's Prayer Garden is located on the Creekside campus north of the Creekside facility. The Garden has focal points for prayer and meditation. The water and creek bed are in recognition of former Pastor David Bibbee’s years of ministry (1992-2009) with Creekside/Elkhart City. The crab tree is in recognition of the late Janet Berkebile’s years of music and ministry among us. Fragrant perennials, grasses that blow in the wind, and rocks which can be used as seating have also been incorporated into the garden.

The creation of the garden was done by volunteers from the congregation under the guidance of Judy & Stephen De Pue. Over 60 Creekside members and friends from ages 2 to 72 contributed their time and handiwork to construct the garden.

The Creekside Prayer Garden is open to the public.

Prayer Garden Brochures: (PDF files)
Prayer Garden Brochure
Prayer Garden Scripture Brochure

Award Winning Garden Design

Creekside Labyrinth

Garden Videos

Prayer garden design wins award
Creekside member Judy DePue and her New Vistas Landscaping company received a prestigious award from the Indiana Nursery and Landscape Association for the design of the Creekside Prayer Garden.



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